our Story

Deylan Diamond is the place where our family art that started three generations ago turns into the business. First of all, our products are coming out of the drawing come to us in the form wax holds, and then after pouring in the foundry workshop, they pass the design section we call ‘plain’, and they are shaped by hand-pegging in the nailing workshop.

I was going to work with my father on summer holidays. In our workshop, where I enter as a child on weekends, I share the art and desings that I first observed, then worked as an apprentice in my adolescence and turned into a journeyman at a young age and a master at the last step. 

Each ring, bracelet, necklace, earring with or without stones, is shaped by hand our labor-filled benches.

We produce all our designs in our workshop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, with the skills we have gained through years of work and experience in the hands of our Armenian and Turkish masters. 

In a world where competition is increasing and modernising day by day; In these times when fewer masters are trained in  jewelry and handicrafts, we blend traditional Anatolian and European touches in our designs. Behind all the products you see, you see a very valuable legacy and the reflection of a perfected art by constantly working and making mistakes. 

Few people know that the Grand Bazaar has a unique culture and working ecosystem. There is no system based on working from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. Every master who grew up here grows and develops with his own style and touch over the years with the education and craft he received from his masters.

Every master knows each other here, there is a work ethic based on solidarity and words, not competition. In short, the essence lies in the respect for art that has been passed on for generations. This is the secret recipe that lies in the alchemy of this mystical and elegant style of the Grand Bazaar and sets it apart from others.