The Art Of Stacking Jewelry

The Art Of Stacking Jewelry

Jewelry has been as old as human history and has always been a part of our lives. They are our wedding rings, the necklaces we never take off, and complementary pieces to our outfits. Lately, the most popular way to wear jewelry is through layering and stacking!

Today, we're showing you how you can add style to your look with the unique jewelry pieces from Deylan Diamond!

Deylan Diamond Necklaces

You can stack your necklaces with pieces that reflect your own personality. So, what should you pay attention to while doing this? Of course, it's a very personal preference. You can combine the pieces you like and create your own style. We'll just provide some general stacking tips.

  • Choose chain lengths gradually.
  • The innermost necklace can have small stones, a chain, or pearls.
  • On the next layer, you can prefer necklaces with larger stones.
  • You can choose either all gold or all silver necklaces.
  • Or you can match one gold with one silver, for example.

Deylan Diamond Stacking Necklace Pieces:

Deylan Stacking Necklaces

BILLIE 14K Gold Blue Sapphire Trio Necklace

LARA 14K Gold Blue Sapphire Maxi Cluster Necklace

TANYA 14K Gold Natural Tanzanite Necklace

Deylan Gold Stacking Necklaces

VANDIE 14K Gold Chevron V Shape Necklace

CHRYSTAL 14K Gold Angel Necklace

SNOWIE 14K Gold White Opal Necklace

Deylan Necklaces

WANDA 14K Gold Ruby Three Stone Necklace

TINKER 14K Gold Pink Heart Necklace

LIBRA Zodiac Necklace 14K Real Gold Diamond 0.22 ct

Deylan Diamond Rings

When combining rings, we can create many different styles. Whether we wear many rings on a single finger or choose a different style for each finger, one thing is for sure: we will dazzle with our jewelry.

Stacking Rings on the Same Finger

The crucial point here is to choose simpler rings with preferably horizontal stones at the bottom. On the next layer, we can wear rings with larger stones. Cluster rings, wedding bands, small stone rings, and rings completely covered in small stones become indispensable for the bottom layer.

Deylan Diamond Stacking Rings

Deylan Ring

MAGDALENA 14K Gold Maxi Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

ISLA 14K Gold Sky Topaz Engagement Ring

Deylan Stacking Ring

LAURA 14K Gold Marquise Cut Scattered Ring

AMALIE 14K Gold 6MM Amethyst Jewelry Ring

Deylan Leaf Ring

TIARA 14K Gold Marquise Cut Cluster Ring

ELLA 14K Gold Natural Amethyst Promise Ring

Stacking Rings on Different Fingers

Here, we can use our creativity as we like! A large stone ring on our index finger, a wedding band, cluster ring, or an elegant solitaire on our ring finger, and a tiny stone ring on our pinky... Whatever our heart desires!

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